Anushka Mehta

A bestselling author and dating & relationship expert.

About Anushka Mehta?

Anushka Mehta is a bestselling author and dating & relationship expert. She was born in Delhi and completed her undergraduate degree in psychology.

Anushka has written seven bestselling books on romance and relationships, which have been read by millions of people all over the world. She is widely respected for her insights into love, dating, and relationships, and is known for her ability to help people find happiness in their personal lives.

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Books By Anushka

Author of Seven Books, ‘Anirudh Talwar’, ‘Banged in Bangalore’, ‘Taped’, 'Datebook’, 'Life of A Young Girl’, 'Panacea: The Gang Story' & more 🤗


Anirudh Talwar

The Man of Sixty Shades

This is a love story, so it's going to have a happy ending. No, wait. That's not right at all. This book is about the misfortunes of love. So it should be… A tragedy? Not that either.
Anirudh Talwar is that love story that stays with you for days even after finishing the book.

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Banged in Bangalore

Have you ever fallen in love with someone you absolutely hate? Our protagonist Saryu is stuck in a dilemma and loves the wrong person. But by the time she realizes her feelings for the right person, he ends up in jail. What does she do to save him?
Does Saryu accept fate and move on or defy all odds to save her new-found love? "Banged in Bangalore '' is a story of a small-town girl, Saryu, who steps in Bangalore with big ambitions and dreams. Although she finds the person of her dreams on her path, not until the end does she recognize that she has fallen in the traps of a wrong person. To her surprise, she ends up sending her own love to the prison. Could it be more tragic? Do they ever meet? Or does this end like rare love stories with loose ends? To know, you have to read "Banged in Bangalore'' to experience the roller-coaster ride of feelings of Saryu.

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Distance will never matter in love. You will feel it even from miles away. Neither will time matter in love. It can last or die over time.
Your world can come crashing down overnight. Maybe all you could do would be to just stand and watch things turn upside down. And it's so unpredictable the things we do when we are hurt. We come face to face with people we never wanted to meet. Not once, not twice, but again and again, till we realize it's a very small world after all! We fall and break and still search for pieces of hope.

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The Gang Story

What is it like to battle your own delusions? What is it like to push them to the back of your head while attempting to live beyond your own desires? What is it like to live your life on someone else's rule? What is it like to fight for freedom? Meet Srishti and Laksh, who will lead you down pathways where you will realize that to love is to constantly fight for it. No matter if you die in the process. You'll discover that opposites attract like two poles of a magnet. Where you'll feel as if it's worth starting the game if it's for a worthy cause. This is where you will realize that if you are right, help will find its way to you even if you find helplessness in the air you breathe.
It's the story of friendship, love, personal strife and drugs...!! Drugs that changed their life.!!!

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From Lockdown Days

The COVID-19 Pandemic has thrown our world in utter chaos, making the society focus on the most vital thing in existence. It’s not money, or fame or even power – but love itself. It’s been a while since people have been forced to live with other people for such a seemingly interminable amount of time. Panic and tension seem to be the ultimate theme of each and every household. And yet, just like a new plant budding in a hopelessly barren land, love has been prospering all around. One just has to open their eyes and will their ears to listen all around.

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The New Age Guide to Modern Dating

The dating culture is relatively new to India. Thriving digital penetration, burgeoning globalization, and the surging revenue market for dating apps have been reducing the taboo associated with dating in India. While Indian valentines struggled to find their date a few years ago, the growing options have been making the dating dreams come true. However, the dating culture is still limited to metro cities; rural hinterlands still hold stereotypical views with regards to dating.

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Essays of Life

Life of a young girl is not easy. She has to go through a topsy turvy ride while she is growing up. Anushka Mehta explores her journey while living in a small town and then her college life in a metropolitan. She writes seven essays depicting her struggle with her life, boyfriends and sex.

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